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Do you use Stealth Detect in PVE

  • Dojohoda
    Yes I use stealth detect in PVE
    Dojohoda wrote: »
    Dojohoda wrote: »
    There are nightblade npcs, I find them mostly in delves, and they use stealth. It's not that big of a deal though, these are ordinary npcs with ordinary health pools. It's funny to me that when the npc nightblade is stealthed and it's winding up an attack white lines radiate from it's invisible body. So, sometimes I bash it if I don't have aoe slotted.

    Actually the "stealth" ability they use isn't stealth, nor can it be detected by stealth detection.

    If it's not stealth what is it? The npc is invisible and aoe damage reveals it.

    It would be classified as invisibility.

    Technically it could be called stealth, but it has a way different detection formula result.

    Basically it operates as stealth does, but it takes 30m off the final detection calculation.

    Best "stealth" in game is 7 medium Khaj with 3 stealth detection reduction sets. It gets you to 2m frontal detection or so with -from side and behind. Invisibility is way better as it generally will get you to -detection all around.

    F20*65=13m-5-2-2-2=2m for max stealth character.
    invis is:
    F20*armor reduction=X-racial-set(s) then -30meters.
    even in 0 medium armor and no racials or sets it's invisible.

    Thank you!
    Fan of playing magblade since 2015. (PC NA)
    Might be joking in comments.
  • ZOS_RogerJ
    Greetings! As this thread is several months old originally we've closed it as some information may be out of date. We ask that you recreate the thread if you wish to discuss this topic.
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