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Idea For CP Rework: CP Points Unlock Passive + New Passive Bar

I was thinking yesterday, while hopping between CP and no CP PvP, that while I do like the variation in builds that CP allows it's obviously just far too powerful and the dev team knows this as well. But I still like CP and so do a lot of people.

Which got me thinking about how do keep an element of CP as it is now, while greatly controlling its power. I considered that what I would like to see is instead of points being used to give a % boost based on which node they're in allowing you to pour a significant amount into each category, what if CP points were used in nodes to unlock extra passives. These passives would then be dragged to a third CP bar with a total of five spaces just like skill bars. Or possibly, it could have six spaces, two for each color.

Of course these would not be skills, but flat stat boosts (as ZOS is moving away from percentage mods) or maybe in the case of healing a percent could be kept. Other effects like exploiter could also be a separate passive (and I think more effects like these would be a great way for ZOS to introduce new passives to reach for) . But this way you would really have to pick and choose. You could go all damage boosts or you could go all recovery or mitigation or a limited balance of all three, but not 3+ from one category 2 from another and a bit into yet another from the same color set. In this way ZOS could also introduce more interesting passives that require a greater amount of CP to unlock thereby continuing the grind while not allowing an overload of power. Such a system would also reduce the advantage of having a ton of CP over a limited amount of CP.

It's not perfect, but this crossed my mind as being a desirable way of doing things.
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