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Why cant i sell my dungeon sets to anyone i want?

Soul Shriven
I have stopped doing dungeons completely most of them are boring unchallenged and since i cant sell the sets i get to anyone i want there is really no reward in doing them you get little gold out of them, and when i want a dungeon set i must grind endlessly till i get the pieces i want and hope my group would help, sometimes theres even someone else in the group looking for the same item witch in turn makes it harder to get. Also its takes forever finding a specific dungeon, if its not a pledge of the day you can easily wait more than 10-15 min for it to find a group. Maybe if you could sell the loot you get in dungeons ppl would be more motivated in doing them, instead of forcing the players to go through this obnoxious grind to get the desirable set piece?
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    I think the main reason is to "create content" by forcing players to constantly play content for the items, this slows down their progression and thus means they don't run out of content as fast.
    The other reason is some see that gear should only be rewarded to those who can earn it and not something others should have access to without earning it.

    Personally I don't like Bind on Pick-Up (BoP) gear, but that's probably because I come from more sandbox and old school games.
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  • lokulin
    Just posted this in another thead:

    I reckon they should change all the base game dungeons and trials gear to bind on equip. Most of it isn't best in slot anyway.
    It would also create a new avenue for traders to make a bit of cash while helping newer players with some slightly better gear to farm the new DLC dungeons and trials with. I know ZOS wants to keep people grinding but with ever expanding amounts of content it isn't like most people will run out of things to grind for any time soon.
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