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VMOL Progression Questions about Notifications

I’m a bit late to the party, but finally got into a VMOL Progression that shows much promise. Right now we’re stuck on twins. Conversions is a big issue. The first conversion, I get a notification stating “Conversion is Imminent “ . It’s fairly easy to tell. You get a white glowy circle around your feet. Enough time to get out of group, and make it to the other side.

Then they stop. No more notification.

If you have a white glowy Head, the circle under your feet is also white glowy. This one is easy to see. But if you have a blue glowy head, it’s very difficult to see.

So, someone can call out “conversions” everyone is backing up looking at their feet. Trying to tell wtf is going on. And BOOM. Someone couldn’t tell they were converting and blows up the group.

This is my experience so far. If the notification kept going, this would be a piece of cake I think. Is it supposed to? Are we just experiencing ESO bugs?

So, how do you guys that run VMOL regularly deal with this? You keep eyes glued to your feet the whole time? I think that’s what I’m going to do and suggest maybe.

This is on PlayStation, so there’s no add on telling you when to move or whatever.
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  • Saint314Louis1985
    Tanks should be able to tell when conversions are going out and call it. Everyone should then check their feet and move appropriately. If colors aren’t showing up it may be bugged
  • p00tx
    I turned up the intensity of the AoE indicator color in my options menu and it seemed to help with more than just the good/bad indicator. The purple/blueish conversion circle shows up bright and clear under my feet. Barring that, you may want to check your video settings to make sure you don't have things set too dark or too light.
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  • SaltySudd
    The Twins are a buggy mess. There are two main things that can cause someone to not know if they converted:
    1) They don't receive a text notification regarding the conversion being imminent
    2) They can't see the colors of their head and feet being different

    Usually it is the same person being bugged out rather than it affecting the entire group. If this keeps happening to that person, the easiest thing for them to do is to back away from the group during conversions and to watch their damage numbers on the boss. If they are doing the same amount of damage to the boss then they don't need to convert, but if they are suddenly doing almost no damage to the boss then they need to convert.

    90% of the time this will not be an issue. Everyone will be able to tell if they need to convert by looking for the text notification as well as the colors of their head/feet. But if their colors disappear and they don't get a text notification, then they need to back away from the group and watch their damage numbers.

    Also, nobody should be standing on the little mats and pillows around the room. If you stand on those it can be really difficult to see the color under your feet.
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  • sudaki_eso
    Just look at the boss, he does a very certain move before the color change applies, once you see him doing it simply step a few steps back to check if you got a circle under your feet.
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