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<Disconnected> Australian Trial Guild [PC/MAC] [NA]

Soul Shriven
We are a newly established Aussie based PvE end-game trials clearing guild. Why the strange name? It was chosen because it is a true representation of our current internet situation here in Australia. :joy:
We are primarily recruiting experienced players who have at least cleared the Craglorn trials with hardmode. If you have yet to meet this requirement but are willing to give it a real shot, we are also happy to recruit newer players. We have players who are more than willing to help you with your builds, skill rotation, mechanics memorization and getting properly geared, ready for the more difficult trials.
If you are not from Australia or NZ, don't fret! We have a couple of players from Europe and the US as well.

Currently we have cleared:

Raiding Info:
Raid Times:

Tuesday 8:00pm AEDT
Vet trial open invite

Friday 8:00pm AEDT
Core progression invite only

Saturday 8:00pm AEDT
Only if enough interest

We have designated our Tuesdays and Saturday nights for our open trials where you can suggest a trial and if it's popular, we will run it. Our Friday nights are reserved for the core team to progress through some of the newer and tougher trials. Once the core team is comfortable with their clears, the specific trial will be opened up for suggestion for the other open nights.
We also rewuire you to have Discord to listen for mechanics.

We have a Discord which we use for all information pertaining to raiding times, build help, social banter and voice chat. New members are encouraged to join our Discord to stay up to date with guild announcements and information. Our only real requirement is that you are available to raid with us at least once per week, unless there are real life circumstances (it can range from work commitments or holidays, just let us know if you need a break).

How to join:
If you would like to join us or know more about our guild, send us a message in game @Bobak @OptimusPrimo or leave us a message below!
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