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Idea for dungeons

I was talking with my normal group that plays the game and we had an idea for making the dungeons harder or needing more coordination to complete.

We would like to see something added as sort of a challenge mode, each week 2 or 3 base dungeons get a harder version of vet dungeons by adding more mechanics. Say for one week they add more trash mobs throughout the dungeon, or they give current mobs more health(normal dungeon miniboss health?) Or all mobs enrage at 25%. Heck all three, just something to make the dungeon more challenging.

Then to give an incentive to actually run the dungeon properly, add a time limit and a leaderboard to it with a completion time so people can compete to run it. Like other leaderboards make the weekly reward something nice like transmute crystal or gold mats.

The reason we started talking about this is, we love the dungeons in eso and the combat system but honestly after youve run the same dungeons a million times it becomes extremely stale. We want something that would make it fresh and more challenging with decent rewards.

Anyone else have thoughts or ideas on how to change things up?
  • profundidob16_ESO
    So you would like to apply Starcraft II's "Mutation of the week" principle to ESO ?

    Fine, very nice. I love that feature as well, right after they implement Starcraft II's player-level auto matching system which succesfully brings players of same skill level together (kinda opposite of ESO's random group finder in current state)
  • Drummerx04
    So have you not found the DLC dungeons to fit this criteria?

    Short of literally going in and redesigning all the boss fights to include actual mechanics, just tweaking a bunch of damage and health values will not make the fights much more interesting.

    I guess you could add enrage timers that pretty much wipe the group if you have low dps, or you could add rather large Heal checks with unavoidable AoEs (like no shield on VoM AoE).

    A lot of bosses could be made harder with immunity phases, like a planar inhibitor that always goes through blue phase, or Valkyn skoria breaking platforms at health percentages (and breaks the last platform at 30%). Imagine the first boss of vWGT where you can't pick the lock from inside the cage, and she jails someone every 25%...

    Yeah the more I think about it, this is actually a decent idea lol. Change a lot of the key fights so you can't just burn past all the mechanics, and suddenly some of the fights can be pretty interesting.

    The reward for the beefed up dungeons could be gold jewelry from those dungeons.
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  • Caetto
    Thats the same line of thinking i was going down the big thing i would say is it needs to be optional, leave vet as it is then the next level is optional weekly base dungeons(not dlc) for a leaderboard score and chances at rewards.
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