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What values does each alliance embody?

Like in Skyrim it was sort of like tough country life religious freedom vs. control by a distant government but greater cosmopolitan tolerance. In eso I'd say it's...

Pact: survival of the fittest, no allegiance to any higher ideals.
Covenant: focus on commerce and pragmatism with little time for idealism.
Dominion: tradition and pride in culture, with a supreme religious authority, at times sacrificing the common good for the sake of cherished and sometimes conflicting dogmas.
  • VaranisArano
    The Covenant sees itself as the heirs of the Empire and best suited to take up the mantle as leaders of a united Tamriel.

    The Pact see themselves as an alliance of necessity, formed to counter the overweening ambitions of the Covenant and Dominion.

    The Dominion views Elven leadership as necessary for prosperity, unity, and security.

    In terms of values, I'd argue they all embody the idea that "If you want this alliance to work, we're ALL going to have to pitch in and make it work. Its not just going to happen because the king/queen/tribunal say its so."

    All of the factions have disparate grouos coming together to fight under their banner and all of the factions have to work out their issues so they can combat the threats they face.
  • Bruccius
    A desire of peace, prosperity, and freedom for all nations of Tamriel, united under one banner. Ruled by an Emperor, with representatives from each province to show their needs. At its simplest, they want to return to the time of the Reman Empire.

    A desire of self rule, Tamriel is united in name, but in practice every nation rules itself and has its own customs.

    A desire to return to the Merethic Era; Elven supremacy is the truth in the Dominion. They seek to return to a time where Elves dominated over the other races of mankind.
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