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The Wrathstone DLC Game Pack and Update 21 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! Read the full patch notes here:

Secret Elder Sapphire is now recruiting

Soul Shriven
This is an all around guild with good friends to meet and a terrific leadership panel. We do weekly events, Crown events, and just team up for adventures... We are welcoming all players, any level. We want to earn a Guild Trader, but that is second to having the best guild that we can create. We are about the players and want new family. Please message any of the leaders for an invite. The Guild masters are @Sadimir, @PythonPassion, also @HappyHaunt1000 will be accepting membership requests. Guild sales are not mandatory, just encouraged... Also we ask that members make and effort to purchase lottery entries and do what they can to support the guild. Everything is flexible and friendly. We are actively recruiting and trying to expand membership, all we ask is that everyone is considerate of others, and always display common courtesy.
I sat quietly with my own thoughts today
Remind me to never do that again
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