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Valhall, guild recruitment and info

Soul Shriven
Looking for a guild? want a friendly introduction? newly created guild "Valhall" is looking for members. Valhall aims to be a friendly CASUAL place to hang out for anyone interested, we do have vast experience but you are welcome experienced or not, no strings attached.


Come revell with us in “Valhall”! hang out with the other fallen heroes in our mighty halls while you wait for the next battle to begin! a new CASUAL guild to hang out and find groups for any group content (starting with dungeons and pledges, eventually also trials) for veterans and new players alike. All levels are welcome . /w me for inv


Coming back to the game after a hiatus? Join the veterans who fell long ago in previous battles in "Valhall"! a CASUAL guild to hang out, drink a beer and feast on the flesh of Särimner which we slaughter every night! we are just about enjoying the game, no pressure!

At the moment we are focused on growing but in the future we are about being usefull and relaxed in an casual environment.

short info:
We started 4/2-2019 so we are a new guild, but we already have a discord server and a guildhall. Valhall is the home of the gods where the fallen heroes feasted in wait for the next battle against the giants. Therefore it is perfect for a guild with aspirations but which focuses on having fun and enjoying the game. Revel with us in the mighty halls of valhall! cheers!

Leave account name here if you wish for an invite through the forum, otherwise /w me in game for questions or anything really.
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    Soul Shriven
    Upon request from our new members here is
    The allfathers tips for new players:

    1. Champion Point 850 is max level. Not 50. Do not grind unless it's something you find particularly fun. The game was not meant to be grinded and doing so will affect you badly in endgame.

    2. CP160 is max level for gear so no point in stressing about what you are wearing until then.

    3. Go to the stables in any decently big city and buy upgrades, you can do it from day one and it's not expensive, but you can only do it once a day so you will benefit from starting early! You can get 60 extra inventory slots!

    4. Questing is actually one of the fastest ways to lvl and there is no order to it, another one is doing daily random dungeons (from lvl 10+) and battlegrounds (PVP) (also lvl 10+).

    4.1 For any content using buff food helps tremendously, we in Valhall supply all our members with food from the guild bank, you are free to use it and i do recommend doing so!

    4.2 If you do queue for content please consider what role you choose, you will have a bad experience if you do not have an inkling what to do as tank or heal.

    4.2.1 Tanks: there is one skill you MUST have! taunt, it's the first skill in 1 hand and shield. It is your main job to keep the boss and adds taunted at all times.

    4.2.2 Dungeon crawlers! while some dungeons are very easy in normal mode, some require to understand mechanics and in veteran you HAVE to know it. Most most of the times you just have to ask in the group and they will tell you, people dislike it more when you don't say that you don't know and you make mistakes without saying anything. It's very obvious when someone does not know what to do!

    5. /g1 is to talk to the first guild you joined and so on, do not be afraid to ask us can be a member of up to 5 guilds at the same time so don't be afraid to try joining. BUT!!
    I do recommend taking your time, relax, get something to drink and just explore the game. Walk around, try stuff out! it will be the most rewarding experience for you!

    6. While class and race matters for endgame, for your first character just pick whatever you like, all of them can do anything! and the difference is mostly for people who min/max.

    7. Put skill points freely, you can easily reset them and it won't matter much in the beginning.

    9. While it is perfectly possible to not level crafting doing so will help alot especially economically in that case: DO NOT SELL or THROW AWAY gear. Deconstruct it! Leveling your crafts helps a lot whatever you choose to do later and if so start early.

    10. There is a site called it is the best site for endgame builds and trial/dungeon mechanics.

    11. For a good dps, “weaving” and skill rotation is the most important! It will matter more then any gear, weaving means light attacking between your skills in your rotation and doing so while cancelling the animation for light attack halfway through while still getting the damage from the light attack. It takes alot of practice but doing so on a dummy is recommended and very rewarding, you will double your dmg if not more. If you google it there are tons of videos etc.

    12. Lastly but not least ADDONS! install minion (, look for the most downloaded addons, they help significantly! there are alot but it also is a guide for what matters in the game.

    Last note: There is a skill you get for entering cyrodil and finnishing the first initiation quest that improves your speed by 30% for the duration. It really helps for those long runs to get anywhere in the beginning.

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