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Cp 810+ looking for mature/casual/endgame guild [DC]

I’m cp 810+ (943 time of writing this) and have been playing since beta, (Even got the monkey to prove it) but I have never been a part of a real guild.

I honestly don’t know why I haven’t found myself a guild yet, as I have been in guilds on other MMOs in the past and know how crucial they are for the overall gameplay experience.

Since launch I have played as a lone wolf, only really playing with a small group of friends who I have introduced to the game over the years. We’ve all ended up playing in quite a closed environment (minus all the random groups). Needless to say, we’ve been missing out on a lot, so I would like to change that.

I am hoping to find a guild with plenty of laid-back people who are often looking for others to do endgame content with. I haven’t had much experience with trails, but really need to start doing them, as there really is no other way to progress my characters.

I mainly play my Magicka Nightblade, who I am able to do around 30k self-buffed at the moment, (just need that Perfect Mantle of Siroria, then I would have everything BiS for them) I then have a Templar Healer who would also really benefit from having Cloudrest gear. I also have a Stamina Nightblade who I have recently made for PVP, only thing I need for them is a master weapon.

So, I am desperate to start doing Cloudrest runs above all, but still eager to do all the other content and help others with gear farming, achievement hunting... furnishing? you name it.

Ideally, I would like to join a Daggerfall Covenant guild, mainly for sake of PvP.

Looking forward to hearing back :)

Master Crafter, All Motifs. MagBlade (DC/EU)
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