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DD lf vetTrials guild

Soul Shriven
Im looking for a vetTrials guild with 45k-50k+ dds(all trials in vet must be cleared, and craglhorn trials with hm). Thats same for me with the know how. I have done vcr+1 too( but dont have the perfected gear complete). Im interested to progress, vmol, vhof in hm, or just gear farm in vcr+1.

Im only interested in trunk group and not as backup.

My chars:
Magblade 50k+
Stamblade 51k+( im new on this char and not happy with the dps atm)
And for the next patch a magplar too(its already a khajit).

(I speak german and english)
If someone is interessed on my post pls leave a msg here or send me a IG msg
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