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Riding a Mount Inside an Outpost

I was making my way to Bleaker's which was under attack. The door was already broke open, so I kept riding in, expecting to be automatically kicked off my mount, but that didn't happen. I was still riding my mount inside. At first I thought I was losing connection, but when I dismounted, I went back to running at regular speed - if it was disconnecting, I would be running at the mount's speed despite dismounting. I even got a tick for capturing the outpost. I tried mounting again to see if it would work, and I was able to mount up inside the outpost. I don;t know what's going on, so I thought I would post it here.
  • malicia
    I think it is normal - I’ve always been able to mount in outposts. Don’t know why they’ve made it that way, but it’s not just you.
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  • cool6654
    It's always been that way.
  • Beardimus
    It's normal, and cool. Riding into the assault.

    We need horse ultimate tho. Battle chargers
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  • VaranisArano
    I've also always been able to mount or continue riding into outposts. Its just one of the differences from keeps.
  • zyk
    I'm pretty sure it's always been like this. I've been doing it for years.

    Please don't change it, ZOS!
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  • Onyx_Devastator
    I guess whenever I'd get to an outpost, the door would always be under siege, so I'd have to get off my mount anyway. Thanks for the replies.
  • irswat
    horse ultimate! horse armor!
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