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vMA leaderboard results

just curious what is now dominating top end vMA leaderboard clears. when i last did vMA i was clearing in about 55 minutes on a pet sorc using necro/IA but the top end players were clearing in 25 minutes using magblade with bsw. This was pre-shield nerf.

curious what class and build is now dominating vMA leaderboard runs now that shield nerfs are in game. I would imagine it is much harder than before. have times crept up significantly? is this something i can research for myself by seeing leaderboards somewhere?

I remember @LZH was dominating the last time i reviewed this. haven't seen anything new on his youtube.
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  • Qbiken
    Magblade and magsorc still pushes the highest scores afaik.
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    DC - Octius Ciel - Magicka Sorcerer - Breton
    DC - Evelina Septim - Magicka Templar - Breton
    EP - Josephine Tharn - Magicka Templar - Imperial
    DC - Zireael the White Flame - Stamina Sorcerer - Redguard
    EP - Qbi-One-Kenobi - (Previously Tankus Maximus II) - Argonian
    AD - Anconeus - Magicka Nightblade - High Elf
    EP - Cirilla Élen Riannon - Magica Dragonknight - Dark Elf
    AD - The Cub of Cintra - Stamina Nightblade - Redguard
    AD - Alinare Larentius - Magicka Templar - High Elf
    DC - The Alt-Knight - Stamina Dragonknight - Redguard
    DC - Féreldir - Magicka Warden - Argonian
    DC - Commissioner Birch - Stamina Warden - Redguard
    AD - Kuvirá - Stamina Sorcerer - Redguard
    EP - Subcribe tó Pewdiepe - Stamina Warden - Orc

    EP - Sister Q - Stamina Sorcerer - Nord
    EP - Barbe Q - Magicka Dragonknight - Dunmer

    vAA + HM: Completed
    vHRC + HM: Completed
    vSO + HM: Completed
    vMoL+ HM: Completed
    vMA: Completed, and with 10 characters as Flawless Conquerors.
    vDSA: Completed
    vAS HM: Completed
    vHoF + HM: Completed
    vCR +1
  • IneedaDollar
    A lot of top vMA players are not even using shields in certain stages. I dont realy think the shield "nerfs" effected them that much.
  • IneedaDollar
    You can check Leaderboards here:
  • thesoundofwolf
    You can still get upper 560's with pet sorc in necro/IA; next patch possibly higher. That glorious 600k score might be harder. It's all about learning the spawns and how to efficiently kill at that point.
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    Your skins clears mean nothing to me if you can't do vMA.

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