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Lookin for some chill people to do vDLC content with [PC/NA]

So, basically, my girlfriend and I recently left a fairly toxic community and we're looking to find a few people who are chill and willing or wanting to do some 4 man DLC content with us.

We've cleared everything so far except for the following:
- vBRP [HM & Deathless & Speedrun]
- vSCP [HM & Deathless]
- vFL [Deathless]
- vMoS [HM & Deathless]
- vMHK [HM & Deathless]

We're basically looking for any role, as we both have tanks, healers, and DPS. I tend to prefer to use my DPS for hard content though as I'm not really as comfortable yet with my tank. My girlfriend also has a preference as a healer, so ideally we'd like to find 1 Tank and 1 DPS.

Honestly, even if you just want to get into harder content as a DPS or tank we'd be more than happy to help you out. We both have a lot of experience in all roles so training someone isn't too big of a deal. We'll even help you farm for gear if you need it.

Looking forward to hearing back from some people, you can either hit me up here in the post or in PMs. My IGN is @codestripper if you want to contact me in game too.

PS: As a side note if any DPS want to do nHoF tomorrow with some role players and can pull above 30k lmk, trying to make it so they can experience the story but a lot of them only pull <10k dps.
Since everyone seems to be doing this,
DPS Builds:
- Magicka Sorcerer (Pet) [Flawless Conqueror @ 565CP] - 582k
- Magicka Nightblade [Flawless Conqueror @ 780CP] - 575k
- Stamina Sorcerer [Flawless Conqueror @ 420CP] - 560k
- Magicka Classless [Flawless Conqueror @ 810CP] - 540k
- Magicka Templar [Stormproof] - 550k
- Magicka Warden [Stormproof] - 510k
- Stamina Templar [In Development]
- Stamina DK [In Development]
- Stamina NB [Under 50]
  • NickCHI
    Soul Shriven
    Hey man, shoot me a message ingame or join my guilds Discord. We're looking for players interested in pursuing hardcore PVE achievements, trial progressions, and small man pvp. Hope to see you soon :)
  • Arbit
    I still need vSCP I’d youre still looking for people to run achievements with
    Argonian Master Race
    Level 50 Warden Magicka DPS - Arbit
    Level 50 Templar Healer - Marfish
  • Jopia03
    Hey, PC-NA here as well, DPS (magDK) with a tank (Warden) friend. We're also looking to finish vDLC achievements
    We play around 8-10pm EST, Weekdays

    vFL (Death and HM)
    vMoS (Death and HM)
    vMhK (Death and HM)

    Others are completed and will help if needed. We like skins...

    Edited by Jopia03 on February 13, 2019 11:02PM
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