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[DC] Guild Seeking (Don't want much do you!)

Do I want much? Perhaps! But hey, if you don't state it, you never know!

Been in ESO from launch (PC and PS4) and only in PC now. Dropped sub an age ago to go back to WoW. Been in WoW since launch and many other MMORPGs in between during my breaks (Warhammer Online, DDO, Vanguard, Rift, Lotro, Neverwinter, Wildstar, FF, to name but a few!). So, here I am, resubbed, keen and willing. Historically I've been in PvE RP guilds with a splattering of PvP. My serious raiding days are gone due to my game time being all over the place (kids, work, yadda yadda).

Player Type
PvE Mostly
PvP enjoyed in Eso especially so would partake
PvE Dungeon runs absolutely
Anything more than that I've not tried yet but am casual but committed
Crafting I enjoy as will housing and all that.
RP not essential, was only light staying "IC" mostly anyway and can quickly slip in and out IC/OOC
Coffee drinker
Cookie Eater
Older Player FTW (46fyi)
UK based
Like being support or DPS. Tank, Heal whatever is useful for the group. Currently leveling a few alts but always happy to push one way if guild has a shortage.
In another life I was likely a small Dwarf or tall Hobbit. IRL I'm the opposite to both (no beard, tall, can see my own feet).

Easy going guild that doesnt mind having low level players. Mature, social,easy going. No stress and people that dont take themselves too seriously. A guild that might help low level player with no alts to gain from through content and wont mind questions (how does THIS work??).

Oh, I have posted in some guild threads and appreciate forums aren't often checked.

Anything else?
Not sure.... but if I think of something it drop it here:

  • SoulPT
    I PM'd you but here's the link to our guild if you want to check it out. We're casual so none of the hardcore trials thingy. Just play and chat with helpful mature people.

    Here are the Blades -

    We're Ebonheart Pact though.
    Edited by SoulPT on February 6, 2019 12:36PM
  • Zulaki
    Ad Silentium are recruiting;(We dont specifically align to a specific faction) If your in the CP ranks and have Veteran Difficulty unlocked, hmu in game - @Arch-nechrach
    AD Silentium Guildmaster.
    Imperius Silentium - Magicka Nightblade
    Imperius Ad Silentium - DK Tank

    Other Level 50 characters [Stamina Templar][Warden Tank][Stamina Sorcerer]
  • Dorrin
    Thank you, I should add that I'm now on board with Blades.
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