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Prompt before entering dungeon in progress

I know there have been threads about this is the past, but I want to re-raise the issue. When using the group finder, I would love to either have the option to exclude dungeons in progress, or be given the option to decline a dungeon already in progress. Too often, I get placed in a group where pledge bosses are already down, or have replacements join the group and immediately leave. The lack of transparency doesn't benefit anyone, it just prolongs the process of finding a suitable group or suitable replacements. There's no shortage of people willing to join a dungeon in progress for quick random queue rewards.
  • VaranisArano
    Part of the purpose of Groupfinder is to backfill groups that have lost a member. Allowing players who queued for a random or specific dungeon to avoid filling a group already in progress would defeat the point of using Groupfinder to replace a group member who left or was kicked.

    So this is working as intended.
  • PixelStix
    I never said it wasn't working as intended. I'm not describing a bug. My point is that someone who doesn't want to participate in a group already in progress is not necessarily deterred from using group finder, and will just leave once they realize bosses are already down, which means the group will have to re-join the bottom of the queue for another replacement. Not disclosing whether you're joining a new group or group in progress doesn't help anyone.

    An example would be you're in a dungeon, down a pledge boss, and then your tank drops. You wait 5-10 minutes for a new tank, you finally get one, they zone in, and leave immediately because a pledge boss is already dead. You then wait another 5-10 minutes for a new tank, and sometimes repeat this process several times. If you instead allowed that tank to say "no, I don't want to join a group in progress" (and maybe sends them to the bottom of the queue), your group would stay at the top of the queue until you find a willing tank.
    Edited by PixelStix on February 2, 2019 9:32PM
  • Donny_Vito
    Yes, I would really like this.

    Nothing is worse than specifying the dungeons you want to enter for your Daily Undaunted and then you get thrown into one of those dungeons that's already beat some of the required bosses for the quest. So you end up having to queue for that dungeon again, and also take the risk of this same situation happening again. This has happened on my tank multiple times.

    There should be a checkbox when you are using Group Finder.
    Option 1) Search for only new instances of the dungeon
    Option 2) Search for any instance whether it's new or not

    If you pick Option 2 then you get an extra reward or something to give incentive.
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