Heavy Sack Pact (Social Guild for PvE and PvP)

Soul Shriven
Heavy Sack Pact is a small social community, that will stay small (45+ members currently. Our goal is 100 members max).
We have members that enjoy a variety of content, from PvE, to PvP. We have trials informally, twice a week, and also go WB hunting once a week.
We want the guild to remain small and active, so you need to play with us and be an active member of our community. We don't have the space for people who aren't interested in playing with us or helping their fellow guildmates out. There is no pressure to be social though. We just ask that you are willing to participate in the guild.

We have a guild house with all stations (including transmute), a variety of attuned stations and a 3 mil, 6 mil, and 25 mil dummy.
Any skill level, from new players to veteran players, is welcome within our guild. The only requirements are membership of our discord server, and that you want to have fun.


Send me a message on the forums or in game @gamerflair
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