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February Crown Store showcase

  • Donari
    Jayne_Doe wrote: »
    Donari wrote: »
    Hmm, question. I recall them saying that Event Tickets would be in the store by the end of January, but I have not noticed them showing up in any announcements or in this showcase. Have I missed it (and if so, how much do the suckers cost and in what category should I look for them)? Or is it delayed?

    I don't know that I'll pay for any, really depends on the price, but whether I keep collecting green berries will depend on whether I can get enough tickets in the store at a decent enough price to let me fill out my indriks. Dawnwood is my least fave of the four colors. I have the first berry, have four tickets towards the next purchase, and when I get to ten tickets will need to decide whether to let go of the green one forever and focus on more nascents for the better colors or supplement my ticket gathering in game with some purchases.

    They mentioned that the event tickets would be available at the end of Q1, so not until March, presumably during the Jester's Festival, where the Cadwell's weapon outfit styles will be available for event tickets (can also be earned in-game and traded with other players), as well as the Dawnwood baby indrik pet.

    Thanks, appears my recollection failed. I must have seen Q1 and thought Month 1. I have two days left before I'm ticket capped so I'll ponder hard whether to get berries just in case I want a green one some day or get feathers so I can work towards at least two of the colors I really want, since I'm sure I'm not going to be maxing out my collected tickets and I'm not sure the whole process will extend into 2020. I already didn't do a single PvP ticket daily.
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