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Looking for a healer to join our vet HM dungeon progression group (PC EU)

Soul Shriven
We're looking for 1 healer to join our group to do difficult veteran content like DLC HM dungeons with. Minimum cp is 300 but it's better if you're 400+ (it's easier not to die with more cp :)). You don't need the best-in-slot gear but you should be able to do your job decently well. You should:
- be patient and willing to learn: the point of this is to learn dungeons together. It's preferable if you havent done the DLC dungeons on HM so you won't get bored of us dying. I don't want ragequitters.
- have time once a week for up to 3h (if it takes us that long to do a dungeon so be it :))
voice chat is required (discord)
- have access to most if not all DLC dungeons

Message me for details.
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