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Looking to put together a solid group for BGs, Xbox NA. mornings-noon PST.

I normally play Vivec on AD, I'm a 1 star but play a variety of toons. However I'm looking to get into BGs and want to get a group together or if you have a group let me know. I generally run a Stamden for DPS or Magplar for support/execute. My GT is NocturnalxNager, if you PVP in Vivec I'm sure you've seen me around. 810+ players preferred with an emphasis on communication and being technical in all match types.

I'm available off and on from 7:30am-3pm PST daily.

Templar Healer PVP/PVE
Stam Warden PVP
MagSorc PVP
MagPlar PVP
XB1 NA 1000+CP
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