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The Taverneers - A Guild for Everyone! [Social PvE - PS4 EU]

The Taverneers is an upcoming Social, PvE Guild looking for active players to join a helpful & friendly community. No weekly fee required and EVERYONE is welcome, no matter the level or experience playing ESO.

Our main goals are to help, teach, learn and most importantly...have fun!

We will be hosting a number of weekly activities covering a range PvE content.
Weekly Activities will Include:
Trials [Including training/progression groups, ideal for those with little to no trial experience] - minimum [lvl50]160cp required.
Dungeons [Including training/progression runs for those wanting to learn mechs]
World Bosses
Arenas [Including training/progression runs for both DSA & Blackrose Prison]
Delves & Public Dungeons

We are also happy to host groups to help with skyshard & Lorebook hunts, XP grinding and gear farming.

We have master crafters who will craft you whatever you need, we only ask that you help with supplying the materials.

Finally...Be a part of our Discord Server! Keep up to date with latest guild activities & announcements or simply pop up for chat!

If you would like to join, message me on here or comment your PSN GT below.
We look forward to meeting you😁

Tamriel Dance Masters:
AD - Altmer MagSorc, Altmer Magplar, Redguard StamBlade(PVP)
EP - Nord Tank, Altmer MagSorc(PVP), Dunmer MagBlade(PVP)
DC - Redguard StamWarden, Breton MagDK

GM - The Taverneers PS4 EU

Feeling Fresh Traders PS4 EU 2017 -
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