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I've just come back after a 3 year break and I am commited, but please guide me.

Hello Everyone!

I used to be quite active on here back in the day and also played ESO since launch, however due to real life things I've had a break of 3 years, so naturally a lot has changed.

I am a Templar with only 209 CP. I am somewhat familiar with the new CP system instead of VET Ranks but that's about it.

I heard from friends that a "Beamplar" or Magicka Templar is really good as DPS, but I am not sure where to start as I naturally will be underleveled and undergeared for this.
I used to be a pretty good Healer back when I was playing and most stuff was Best in Slot, but now everything feels so off (might just take time to get back into).

I am not looking for a complete guide, but maybe a few hints on what to do (grind CP or do questlines) and what to be observant about.

I have bought Summerset and ESO Plus to get myself going!
  • Turelus
    Do you know what kind of gameplay you want to be doing, i.e. PvP, PvE or a mix of both?

    Some generic advice I can give is to check the following:-

    MissBizz has several new player guides which can be great to catch up changes or basics of gameplay.
    Alcast has a website dedicated to end game PvE and PvP builds, these have low level entry builds as well.

    Both have links in my signature below, if you're on mobile and can't see the signature then you can Google the names and you should get their YouTube pages or websites.
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
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  • Ljungstroem
    Turelus wrote: »
    Do you know what kind of gameplay you want to be doing, i.e. PvP, PvE or a mix of both?

    Some generic advice I can give is to check the following:-


    I will definitely check these out.

    I really enjoyed PvE back then, cleared all Dungeons on Hard (or what the highest difficulty was) and so on as a Healer.
    However I might be doing a mix now. Doing the necessary PvE to get the best gear for PvP for a DPS build.
  • shack80
    On which server and platform you are playing?

    1. Farm some money. Economy is the key for everything coz you can easily buy the crafted or overland sets and xp potions, drinks food etc. Easiest way on low level is todo dailies which may drop motifs. You can get from 5k to 10k from the basic ones. Also fishing can be done at any level and about every 100 to 150 fish grants you perfect roe which is decent amount of money. You can also farm some sets as you are over 160cp. On the right trait they tend to sell well. For example spriggan impen pieces on xbox eu goes around 20k to 30k, weapons from 10 to 100k depending the trait. Also Briarheart from wrothgar sells well for pve content. Infused dagger 150k easily, epic rings with robust trait 30k a piece, necklace maybe a bit more. There alot more but wont waste the space for all of them.

    2. Grind CP's. Really fast and easy with xp scrolls or potions and farm spellscar. Also do you daily random dungeon and bg.

    3. Ask some1 to craft you 5x julianos, really good start

    4. Join for normal cloudrest runs and farm 5pcs of Siroria

    5. Farm Deshaan for Mothersorrow either 5pcs or 3 jewelry and flamestaff

    6. Your main skills you need to level up to be a proper dd (have these on your bar until they are fully maxed) ->
    Force pulse or elemental weapon, blazing spear, radiant oppression, vampires bane, inner light, channeled focus, elemental blockade, purifying light, destro staff ultimate, shooting star or crescent sweep, also level up puncturing sweeps, its really handy doing solo stuff.

    7. Join guilds. You can use guild members to fast travel certain locations they are in at the moment. You can ask them to help with your crafting etc. If the guild is not active or doesnt respond just leave and find a new one. You can ask for guild invites here at the forums or at the zonechats.
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  • EitherGuard
    I take breaks every couple months, but there is this games awesome community that makes it easy to get back into.
    Happy even through the toughest of times.
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