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Expendable Heroes [PS4/EU/Mixed Social] looking for new friends.

Expendable Heroes is an English speaking, welcoming and friendly social guild, consisting of adults (20+) whom work and in some cases have families and basically a lot to do with real life. We're not hardcore or casual but somewhere in the murkiness between those two definitions, we probably would be hardcore if it wasn't for real life taking us away from the game. :D

That's not to say you aren't welcome if you aren't employed or a family person, just to give you an idea of what its like. Anyone is welcome so long as they are (reasonably) mature.

Whilst we mainly participate in PvE content, many of us enjoy PvP content and we occasionally do Battlegrounds and Cyrodil. All levels and all factions are welcomed for PvE and as this is what we predominantly do, I would hope faction wouldn't be to much of a deciding factor. On PvP, our alliance is officially Ebonheart Pact but a lot of members seem to be in the Aldmeri Dominion, so either is fine for Cyrodil, depending on whom is making a group at the time. (Sorry Daggerfall Covenant people).

We are about 30 members but unfortunately of those not many are active so we are really looking for people to help us grow into something special, this isn't the sort of Guild where you join and have loads of instant perks but it is the sort of guild where you won't just be an insignificant number and can make a huge difference if you choose to.

Each week we alternate between different objectives, such as world bosses, skyshards, Craglorn, fishing or a difficult achievement. We also always strive to help with Dungeons, Pledges, Battlegrounds etc whenever we can if there are enough of us online. Whilst most of these events don't require active communication and are mostly casual in nature, we do ask that players participating in PvP events, Veteran Dungeons and all Trials wear a headset for communicating between team mates. All members can share their ideas and arrange their own events on the Facebook Group page if there’s something specific that they want to do with the guild.

Veteran Players
Expendable Heroes is really hoping to have some experienced players on board, who will be willing to help with the creation of a Trials team and become involved in the guild with events and growth. Whilst myself and my wife, who run the guild, are pretty experienced, it would be nice to have some veterans within our ranks to help out.

Newbie Players
Don't worry if you are new to the game, most of us are in the same boat. Speaking personally, whilst I've had ESO since the BETA, it's only been since Morrowind that I started getting really into the game. A large proportion of the members are newbies / casuals and we always try to help out.

My wife is pretty much a master crafter, and can make almost anything. Anyone in the guild has access to the guild house where we have most crafting stations and are working towards getting a transmutation and outfit station. We also have several varieties of practice dummies.

As we are a small guild with many new players, we have not ever had the means of securing a guild trader but we are hoping to do this as we expand.

Unlike a lot of other guilds, we don’t charge a fee to be a member and we don't demand donations to secure traders, that's not what we are about.

The ranks are basically a new member, which after a short while you are a known member. We are looking for players willing to recruit and organise events though which will be an officer rank.

Guild Bank
Bank access isn’t immediate but granted to those who have been around long enough to become known to an officer. Guild members are free to take anything from the bank but we ask that a small donation is deposited.

Guild Store
Not big enough for a Guild Store yet but not too far off.

We have an active Facebook page and chat. The Facebook chat is new so it could be linked to the group page and we have just started up a Discord. We love chatting about the game and pretty much everything about gaming, anime, board games and geeky stuff. A bit of a lore lover too I must admit.

If you want to join us, please use one of the methods below:
  1. Apply with your PSN below in this forum thread.
  2. On Facebook search for ESO - Expendable Heroes. Anyone requesting to join us via Facebook will be asked to confirm their PSN so they can be added to the guild in-game.
  3. Send a message to either myself, Lord_Malfious or my wife, Daft_Hippo on the PS4.
  4. Ask for an invite via the discord, the details of which are on our Facebook Group Page.
Important note: Please be aware that if you have set your account to appear offline, we won't be able to send you a guild invite since that account status leads to the error "account not found".

I'm going to put this at the bottom as its a little personal and I don't feel that should be too important into you making a choice in joining but it is there for those whom are interested. Me and my wife were both hardcore gamers, we both play a lot of games on all the consoles and PC. We both used to be very hardcore World of Warcraft players as well, we're talking about clearing Heroic Raids but we burnt out and couldn't keep doing it with our jobs and real life. Then after we had kids that kind of play style wasn't healthy for our family and we needed a game we could both enjoy but not to that level of seriousness. Whilst we play a variety of stuff, we are both really passionate about RPGs and the Elder Scrolls has been and continues to be one of our favourite series. Being able to play it together has been a lot of fun. We really miss the social aspect however, we've tried making friends in other guilds but because of our busy lives, we find ourselves excluded from most events and interaction and we found ourselves becoming a little lonely within the game. During a sale we even brought about 20 copies of the game and gave it to friends and family in a hope that we could have something to all do together and work towards in our downtime, it didn't work out and we still found ourselves pretty isolated. Whilst there is still a lot to do solo or as a couple, we would really like the opportunity to make new friends to do the content of eso with, as it would be better with friends than a pug, people who are more forgiving if the baby wakes up or there is a nappy explosion that temporarily halts play.

So whilst the guild was intended initially for close friends and family upon creation (and to be fair some of them do still play occasionally) my wife has seen that I am unhappy with how things went and has given me her blessing to expand the guild with other players whom we can make new friendships with and clear group content.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Part of the PS4 EU Guild ESO - Expendable Heroes. Check out our Facebook Page! PSN Lord_Malfious
  • Tiracorda
    Soul Shriven
    In reversed order, nonetheless: PSN: Tiraciula.
    Looking forward to meeting you!
    PSN: Tiraciula

    "Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack"
  • Malfious1986
    Just to update. We have now hit 100 members and have become increasingly active. Still accepting requests so feel free to get in touch for an invitation.
    Part of the PS4 EU Guild ESO - Expendable Heroes. Check out our Facebook Page! PSN Lord_Malfious
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