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Came Back To This Game For Some BGs


Coming back into this game was interesting. Been away for awhile due to the lack of stuff to do that isn't grinding. So I came back to do some of those fancy BGs. Gotta say, the first few games were fun as h**k with WW, Morkuldin, Maw, and Defiler. The amount of pets is hilarious and quite effective against all the bow spam. However, after a few more games, a noticed the unparaplled power of groups, and the understandable prevalence of them.This is where the issues start coming up.


While I understand BG queues would be longer if pre-mades were forced to be by themselves, but understand that team co-ordination is unmatched when facing randos. This is especially true if they have a dedicated healer that can stomp and ball up. Meeting new peeps is great and all, but I still want to play this game and not have to play games with it. While the other teams could group up and try to take on the pre-made, that would be just as unfair and probably against ToS. We could all get in Discord and form our own group to fight the pre-mades, but again, that would be just adding more fire.


So then, I ask: "Why not just separate the pre-mades or force them to go against higher caliber enemies?" The power of the team is basically equal to the power of an additional 2 people (imo), so the idea of placing added value to the pre-made's MMR is justified and wouldn't cause too much extra queue time. Seperating them would be ideal, but be the most fair.

I hope this helps shed some more light.

Down below is an image I had with randos in my team.

Yeetus that fetus

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  • StarOfElyon
    The sets that are being used are best for PVE. When used in PVP it creates a toxic environment.
  • jcm2606
    Okay, so, here's the thing. MMR already works the way you're suggesting, and has for a while. Since Summerset, I believe.

    The MMR value of a group is based on the average MMR of the players in the group, plus some value corresponding to the size of the group. A 4-man group will have a consistently higher MMR than a duo, to try to balance the matching. And that is the problem. The solution to premades versus solo queues, is carelessly tacked onto the ranked match making system. That means that a player with an excessively high MMR, such as myself and many others on the forums, will be matched against 4-man groups, because those 4-man groups get pushed up to my MMR "bracket."

    If group-versus-group matching is to work, it needs to be disconnected from the ranked matching system, but even then, that wouldn't work.

    PVP in ESO isn't that popular, lets face it. It just isn't. Most of the player base is more casual, and most of the remaining serious players generally stick to PVE. So right out of the gate, we're already dealing with a small pool of PVP players. Then you factor in Cyrodiil, which means that small pool gets even smaller. Then you factor in how ranked matching works, how distribution among the MMR "brackets" would push most of the players into the lower brackets as they aren't that good. It wouldn't surprise me if at the high end, there's maybe a dozen to two dozen players up there, if even.

    The point is, for the higher MMR brackets, there really is not many players available. So even if group-versus-group matching was pushed to its own system, it wouldn't help at all as those groups are probably the only few players available. At best, nothing changes. At worst, group queue times get so, so much worse.

    So, here's my solution: remove MMR.

    Remove MMR, go back to random matching, so that distribution evens out. Any player can be matched against any other player. Sure, it'd suck massively for meh players, but good players don't have to deal with the flaws of MMR and the harsh truth that PVP just isn't that popular. It would also help diversify matches, introducing variety, since you're no longer facing the same few players over and over.

    With random matching in place, introduce group-versus-group matching that tries to intelligently form a full, balanced match with premades. Intelligently. If a 3-man group joins one team, and there's room on the other teams, try to either find additional 3-man groups for the other two teams, or find two 2-man groups for the other two teams. Only do this if a premade group joins the match, so that it doesn't impact solo queues.

    It'd be nice to have something more advanced, such as proper ranked matching, but I just don't think ESO's PVP community is large enough for that, unfortunately.
  • coj901
    I only play bgs solo. If I end up against a premade welp it's only about 10 minutes of my life and I still get xp for loosing.
  • mursie
    having premades fight only other premades will never work due to small population. if and when that event wants to happen, they can and do just schedule that type of event in an isolated area of cyrodiil etc.. for a GvG event.

    the answer is simple. BG's should be solo que only. could reintroduce the entire bg population and round out teams with some good and some bad etc...

    it's a battle ground. factions mean nothing in there. eliminate the ability to group up for bg's. you can head to cyrodiil for that or create GvG events.
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