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Maintenance for the week of February 6:
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Merchant And Mercs Open Recruitment (New or veterans welcome)

We are very organized, active small guild that still holds a lot of value to it's members. We provide as much help as possible to veterans or players who just started playing. I host tons of events and hold unique raffles weekly. dungeon running, vet trials, trading, crafting, etc. But that's not all... Have a full craft house, guild hall where we plan to hold some awesome events that can win you free eso plus for the month :smiley: .A huge maze that will most likely make you rage quit, with some scavenging adventures for my pretty gingered ear kitty! Most of all we are here to have fun and to help others.

Respect each other and help others when you can.
I don't put up with any non seance so please keep that in mind.
officers are in there rank for a reason.
any questions are an OK question if you need some extra help the guild master is always there to help

- Guild master of merchant and mercs and how to join
Please don't mail in game to me because chances are my inbox is full, instead message me via play station message and i will add you manually to the guild. Next_Mr_Big is my psn. For whatever reason you do not get a merchant and mercs invite within 24 hours message me again. Sometimes I may not be able to reply right away. if you have any questions for me ask because that is the only way you will get an answer lol.

-an Officers thoughts
One of the best guilds that i was able to help in. not only did I find a great place to experience the game but big is A really good person that honestly is trying to build a great guild. Not only will he actually reply to you but he jumps into dungeons, trials, you name it he was probably there at one point in time. Built a really good friendship threw a video game, Never had such a huge impact from a video game, thanks to merchant and mercs i'm still at it playing almost daily!
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