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The Rise of Necromancy & The Holy Order of Arkay

A storm is brewing, not long from now the Alliance war will dissipate and a new threat to this land will emerge. The addition of Necromancers in ESO will ultimately change the dynamic and create multiple paths to a pending conflict that will reshape Nirn forever. 

So I am building (pure fan fiction) a roleplay surrounding Priests of Arkay, Meridia & Azura. A Holy Trinity of Divines and Daedrics whose purpose is to restore balance to Nirn. 
We established the Holy Order of Arkay to combat the forces of Mannimarco and Molag Bal, the parochial order is the shining hope for all of Nirn. The “Breath of Arkay” is the holy conduit to Arkay the Divine on Nirn, chosen by the Cardinals of Arkay to represent the Order. 


More information can be found here: 


  • LuciusOctavio
    In addition to the original post, The Holy Order of Arkay's mission is to raise The Holy Military Order of Arkay's Circle. Knights of Arkay who protect the Priests of Arkay on their Holy Missions.

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