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Magsorc PVP

Hey guys 🤙 if anyone need help with magsorc in pvp, just write me. Builds & gameplay clips on my channel 😉 maybe you dont know the right gear,cps or skills? Just write your question below, i try to answer everything.

New gameplay clip:

Have a nice day 😈
  • Taleof2Cities
    Nice clips, @Killer1712!

    Are you able to tell new PvP players what gear sets you're running if they want to try it out?
  • Killer1712
    Thank you m8 🤙 yes if you are new to magsorc and wanna try pvp then:

    Pirate skeleton or bloodspawn monster set (mighty chudan is best but hard to farm), 5x shacklebreaker (or amberplasm), 3x lich jewerly + resto , 1x master inferno or if you dont have master, take a sharpend willpower inferno. Shock glyph on destro, oblivion dmg resto. Jewerly 1x mag reg, 2x dmg. Body pieces all impen, legs and body infused with health or tri stat glyphs ( for bigger shields) i hope i could help you 😉
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