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Show your favourite locations!

Are you a keen explorer of Nirn? Then why not show us your favourite places in game and together we can build and share a visual index of locations players treasure. Through this collaboration thread perhaps we can discover areas we didn't even realise existed, or just find new appreciation for those we already recognise. Originally, I thought to call this thread just 'show you favourite location' (singular) but the more I thought on where mine would be, the more I realised that there wasn't just one, there were countless. So if you feel like sharing more than one, please do. The images should be your own screenshots and can be standard or edited, that's up to you! If you can, please include the location although don't worry too much if you can't remember (maybe other players can help with that!). Share your ESO world as you know and love it.

Brass Fortress, Clockwork City: One of my favourite places to screenshot has to be the Clockwork City. I love the whole aesthetic from the coppery sparkling trees glistening against the sunlight to the dark steam vault basements of the Brass Fortress.

Par Molag, Glenumbra: More-so in ESO than any other game I find myself staring at the shorelines, finding them to be some of the most beautiful and tranquil locations. This location can be found to the west of Par Molag, Glenumbra (stumbled upon it during the Witches Festival).

Shimmerene, Summerset Isles: South along the coastline from Shimmerene.

Southern Cyrodiil: Sunset in Cyrodiil I've found to be one of the most beautiful in game, this shot was taken during the tutorial section on the way to the AD temple, south end of the map.

The Illumination Academy, Summerset Isles: I won't say too much about this place to avoid any spoilers but I loved both the quests here and the architecture. It has a stunning courtyard and also many large, furnished rooms, many void of NPC's so it's a great place for some sort of group or guild meeting.

Your turn!
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  • Elissae
    Auridon: south-east coastline, at dusk.


    Vvardenfell: Red Mountain rumbling in the background, I love volcanic areas :blush:


    Elden Hollow, Grahtwood: Dungeon. It's easy to miss just how beautiful and atmospheric the dungeons are when you just rush through them :)
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  • RoAvanchnzel
    Soul Shriven
    I personally love the Summerset landscape 💕💕💕
  • Kattatonia

    The place I practically live, Rawl'kha


    My favorite place of all, The Rift

    Kattatonia, beta baby - NA/PC

    "I always win, even if I don't win... Because they all die later from their injuries."
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