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Feature Request - Team Duels/Free For All

With the new duel-oriented house coming out, I thought I would suggest something I have been wishing that would be brought into the game for a very long time. I would love a way to group up with people, in my guild for instance, to participate in group fights. So instead of dueling being limited to 1v1, allowing for 2v2, 3v3 or even free-for-all combat that is agreed upon by all participants would be extremely beneficial. This would be fun and also allow guilds to run practice sessions more effectively. Just an idea, thanks!
  • Beardimus
    Turn this on in that house only and ill buy it zos. Just give nw the reason lol

    What id love more is private battlegrounds. Guild only, awards off of course, but setup fights as you say
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  • Aznox
    Allowing "group duels" would add so much to this game.

    "Just" update duel code so that if you are in a group and invite someone who is part of another group of the same size, the duel will be a Team Deathmatch.

    I know this would still be a lot of work, but it would be sooo worth it ...
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  • Metemsycosis
    Free for all should def be a mode

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  • Fr4ctalz
    Soul Shriven
    This would be awesome
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