Mature Player UK | PC EU - LF Likeminded peeps to dungeon with etc..

So after playing WoW for 12+ years and finally deciding to quit last month, I've decided to come back to ESO.

I've dabbled with ESO on and off but had to sideline it due to my hardcore raiding schedule in WoW. Wife became increasingly unhappy and thus I've decide to take a slightly more casual approach to MMO's in general and ESO catered to that. I've only really done Veterans dungeons in terms of progression in ESO but I'm happy to run normals and finish off questing with peeps.

So, I'm just looking for like-minded individuals of a similar age (sorry, don't mean to be ageist but prefer the company of older players) whom are currently either in the same position of playing the game alone and/or looking for a group to do content with. As my circle of friends generally play other games which I do too but most of them have little to no interest in ESO apart from one other chap whom I've been running dungeons / quests with, he's not always online so looking for regular players of a similar age to experience the rest of this game with.

Prefer vocal people whom have mics / discord.
Have our own discord server, either add me ingame or on discord.

Disc: Kraezy#7889
Temp Heals 250cp
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