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Fully downloaded game, but press play in launcher and nothing happens

I've successfully downloaded the game and play it loads on my main computer, but yesterday spend the whole day downloading it onto my laptop with a different account so my husband and I can play at the same time. I woke up to find a message saying it had crashed unexpectedly clicked the option to reopen. It appeared to have fully downloaded the file, as the dropdown issues I have are:
Check for updates
I've already run it through repair, but all that happens is it repairs every file, the play button changes to 'complete' and I click it, and am back to square one with a play button that does nothing. Then I checked for updates. The play button changed to repair, which I clicked and it gave me a confirmation window, which I clicked to proceed, but then nothing happens. So no I'm stuck with a progress bar that says Complete and 100% and a formerly useless 'play' button that is now a useless 'repair' button.
Having paid for this game twice now and spending quite a bit of money on my account, I do expect to be able to actually play it. I wouldn't have bought it twice otherwise.
I had no problems (aside from my own impatience) downloading and running on my account and computer. Granted, the laptop is old, but it meets all system requirements.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Mercanis
    I also really really really don't want to uninstall and have to start again, as it takes about 12 hours on my connection!
  • Mercanis
    I've just found this forum post:

    So now it looks like I'll just have to spend all my money on a new computer. Refund for the game would be nice since I am completely unable to play it. Please update your main page's Mac system requirements, as they are now completely incorrect, and just suck money out of people who believe them to be true. There are currently no requirements listed for graphics.
    Edited by Mercanis on January 20, 2019 10:16AM
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