Looking For A Group To Help With Vet Ruin's Of Mazzatun - Unbowed Achievement

Soul Shriven
Hey all,

We are playing on PC/EU and could really use help to complete the Unbowed Achievement (You must complete the dungeon without anyone in the party being killed)
for the Amber Plasm Skin :blush:

I play as a Healer CP736 and my partner is DPS CP840, we are looking for a Tank and one DPS. We know the mechanics, we just need some nice people to work with us and help us out.

You don't need to be flawless just be willing to try again if someone makes a mistake and we die and and of course have fun in the process!

We have tried using the random group finder and its been great but it takes along time to find a group and when we do find one and someone dies they are not willing to start over (I can understand of course)

So if you have a spare 30-45 mins in your evening and want to make someone really super happy, I would really appreciate it :smile:
We play every evening and will be available should you be willing to help out!

In game name is @Trin-Nie

Thanks for reading

  • firedrgn
    Im not on eu or i would dps for you .
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