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Any furnishings to add water to home?

Do any furnishings exist in the game that I can use to make a small pond in an area with no existing water?
  • R_K
    Are you on PC? If so there’s an add on for that, Essential Housing Tools’s “FX” feature.
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  • NoTimeToWait
    Not quite, but you can sink Vivec's Divination Pool into the ground and surround it with stones to look more natural
  • SantieClaws
    Community Ambassador
    There is the achievement furnishing of the waterfall in Summerset yes - very pricey at about 75,000!

    But it is the only furnishing involving running water this one can think of.

    Not quite a pond but better than a well.

    The only way to get a pond presently seems to be to buy a house with one already there.

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  • Krainor1974
    Like RK said if you in pc his addon works wonders, I have a whole lot of water in my homes including a home that’s in the bottom of a well.

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