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Summerset without doing main story and Vvardenfell

I've made a new character which has been placed in Summerset, I've done a few quests and it doesn't seem to make sense due to this new character not completing the main story quest or the Vvardenfell quests -

Veya is there which is carrying on from the Vvardenfell quests and Darien Gautier is now a Golden Knight after assuming he was dead after the big fight with Molag Bal.

There seems to be a lot of quests in Summerset that are to do with previous story lines and with a new character it doesn't add up, does this carry on not making sense meaning I should go back to Khenarthis roost and start there or does it even itself out?

I feel a good solution for that would be to put the original opening/tutorial back which lands us in the starter zone instead of landing in Summerset which doesn't make sense unless the main quest is finished
  • KhajiitFelix
    Complete soul shriven quest complete alliance quests continue story complete dark brotherhood complete Morrowind complete clockwork city complete summerset complete murkmire.
    I think it's something like this
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