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ZOS: Regarding STORAGE of surplus furniture

Hey all!
I see a lot of complaints about the item limits on furniture in houses, and while I agree that we need more, that's not what I'm here to talk about.

I'd like to address the issue of STORING all this furniture, and having it easily accessible for building. My bank is full of furniture, and it is fully upgraded. I have several large houses just for storage, full to the brim also. When I want to build anything, I don't have an easily accessible way to access all my stuff - I need to pop back and forth to 6 different houses just to pick things up to place. It is such an effing hassle.

Can't we pleeeease get a infinite storage "furniture" tab in our inventory like we do with crafting materials? Hell, I'd PAY for it if that's what it takes, and gladly. New cool furniture packs keep coming out, and gosh darnit, I still want to buy it. But ZOS, you are making it harder and harder for me to justify getting any - each new piece of furniture bogs down my steadily shrinking inventory and making the situation worse. And no, selling or deleting furniture isn't an option here.
  • Sheyta
    Nice idea :) I wouldnt mind

    I prefer if I get stuff for free afterall I paid premium cash for the game.

    But if you are desperate need it right now

    I can store your stuff for a fee ;)

    This limitations in eso is weird when you come from eve online with no storage limitations at all
    Im not a Fanboi and I not a worshipper of fanboism
    Thats why there may come critical post or comments from me becouse I think...
    'hint on'_its not illegal to think_ 'hint off'
  • Rhoande
    One thing I greatly, greatly miss from EQ2 was the moving crate feature. Which allowed you to pack an entire house worth of furniture and send that crate to another house.

    But the real -beauty- of it was being able to drop a bunch of crap and put it in the crate, then open the crate and pull things out of it as you were building so you didn't have to carry a bunch of furniture, or have it lying around in ugly piles while you were working.

    Then, when you were done if you had leftover furniture in it, you could send the crate away.

    And.. it didn't take up item count if things were in your crate. Each houses' crate had it's own item count.

    But they just really blew item count out of the water, by having building block item counts for tiles for flooring, walls, ect..and upgradable item count that vastly exceeded what ESO has.
  • idk
    No offense, but one must address the business side of things to gain an advantage. Of course that business angle has to make sense as well and it is not that you would pay for infinite furniture storage.

    The business angle has to do with refraining to purchase crown store furniture packs because your storage is already burgeoning with surplus furniture.

    In other words, it is something that hinders both sub and those who do not sub in a manner that chokes crown store sales.

    So work that angle. Otherwise it just sounds like those asking for faction change or class change saying they would pay for it. Zos gave their official word today, that they are not interested in adding that to the game. They are not even giving it though. So take the more logical approach.
    Really, idk
  • Ravenayle
    We definitely need some furniture storage options that go beyond the bank and the storage containers currently available. I really don't think buying houses at the current price simply to store house items is a very savory option. I know ZoS is out to make money, of course, but there should be some flexibility for those of us who know we will want 50 crystals to decorate a house with during X season for a deco contest, so we hoard them up for that event because they are too scarce / expensive to buy all at once.
  • Emathides
    Agree with OP.
    idk wrote: »

    The business angle has to do with refraining to purchase crown store furniture packs because your storage is already burgeoning with surplus furniture.

    I'm considering buying the murkmire furn pack coming out soon, but I'm currently drowning in furniture and don't think I have the space for it. So I will pass it up, if dealing with where to store it is too much of a pita.

  • M_Volsung
    I would like to see something like this added, but until then I'll continue to use my grand psijic barn to warehouse everything... it's not really good for much else.
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  • Grianasteri
    Bluntie wrote: »
    Hell, I'd PAY for it if that's what it takes, and gladly.

    I agree with virtually everything you have said. However as an existing paying ESO plus customer, I already pay enough every month and from year to year. I pay for this kind of thing to be available to me, just like the crafting bag etc.

  • mayasunrising
    @ZOS_GinaBruno furniture storage similar to the crafting bag sounds like a really good idea! I would pay crowns for this!
  • Alinhbo_Tyaka
    Bluntie wrote: »
    - snip -
    Hell, I'd PAY for it if that's what it takes, and gladly.
    - snip -

    I think it should just become part of the basic ESO+ without any increase in the subscription price or additional fees.

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