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ZOS: Housing Features?

Alright so we’ve seen countless posts about furniture caps, desired furniture, ideal housing locations, etc. I think there are many valid points made in most of those discussions, but I want to talk about baseline functionality of the housing platform.

Being housing is still a fairly new component in ESO it is no surprise that there are many areas for improvement as users continue to reimagine housing and create an ever growing mini economy within the game. When it comes to usability though there are some super simple features that are non-existent that would make housing an even better investment for players.

The ability to only have one house available to visitors at any given time is a huge let down. Many designers have showcase homes, crafters have furniture stores.... all of which we are limited to one that players can currently visit. As someone who makes a good deal of gold decorating, it would be highly beneficial for potential clients to be able to visit any one of my finished homes to see examples of my work. For crafters, they may want to have the ability for guests to toggle between their primary residence and their furniture store(s).

Following in line, housing almost warrants its own menu, outside of collections where a player could visit their primary, secondary, etc. View furniture in inventory or in bank independent of everything else, see a log of known furniture diagrams (similar to viewing styles in lore library), or as simple as splitting houses into sub-categories (if you’ve ever seen Faunters House List they are sub-divided by furniture cap: inn, apartment, small, medium, large, mansion, etc).

The camera views when placing items is a constant struggle, especially with larger or odd shaped items. Often times one ends up guessing and readjusting because you can’t on the camera to show the full item properly while placing.

Naming homes is another simple easy thing, and having a message of the day type function would be fantastic for leaving information on how to make appointments, price ranges, or friendly greetings.

I love the housing portion of ESO, but I do see a lot of opportunity for it to be bigger and better (thus being more lucrative for you AND me, and many others). I hope ZOS will continue to put resources towards expanding the homestead features and that we can look forto some awesome growth in the platform in upcoming releases.

Thanks for your time!!

The Hart Clan

Atelier: Exquisite Homesteads, Facilitator
New Scrolls Order - Admin Officer

9 Trait Crafter/ Furniture Expert / Housing Expert

PSN: hartattack596 Server: PS4 NA
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