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The Wrathstone DLC Game Pack and Update 21 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! Read the full patch notes here:

PC/Mac Patch Notes v4.2.12

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online 4.2.12 adds the latest item sets to the End of Campaign reward mails and fixes a performance-related issue that will result in slightly higher FPS, among a few additional fixes. The size of this patch is approximately 190MB.


  • Fixed an issue where the new item sets for Rewards for the Worthy were not appearing in End of Campaign Rewards. These new item sets will now appear in future End of Campaign reward mails.
  • You will now no longer be able to open Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Boxes while in a Battleground. This is to prevent an issue where you can receive rewards intended for a different Alliance.
    • Note: This is a temporary fix while we continue to investigate a more permanent solution that will allow the opening of Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Boxes while in Battlegrounds without issue.

  • Fixed an issue where dyes received from Xanmeer Crown Crates could not be converted into gems.

  • Fixed some visual clipping that would occur on crouched female characters wearing the Nibenese Noble's Shawled Robe.
  • Fixed an issue where female character legs would clip through the Nibenese Noble's Shawled Robe while mounted.

  • Fixed a performance-related issue that was triggered when a friend, group member, or guildmate would log in, log out, or change zones. This fix will result in slightly higher FPS, particularly if you are a member of a larger guild.
    • Note: If you were searching for your own name inside the guild screen for the performance benefit, you no longer need to do this.

Mac Game Client
  • Fixed a number of crashes found on the Mac game client.

  • Fixed an issue where navigating to a different menu while previewing a mount would close the menu.
Gina Bruno
Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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