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ZOS, for the next Trial ..

Please make sure that a trial is not focused on a particular playstyle. The trial should cater to both melee and ranged playstyles. You don't see people clearing vAS and vCR HMs with their stamina DDs. Even in the ranged play style only 8 out 12 group members are magicka nightblades. I don't want to level-up a new magblade just to complete those trials
  • Drummerx04
    Well you'll be happy to know that you don't have to level up a new magblade to complete the trials. There are even numerous examples of people clearing vCR with stam toons. The advantage of magicka players to just shield massive damage in pve has been pretty dramatically reduced.

    You probably won't want to do vCR with 8 stam dps, but one or two would be doable.
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