Log In/Out bug in Outlaw Refuges XB1 EU/NA

Soul Shriven
What happens is:
1. Log out of game while inside Outlaw's Refuge.
2. Select Character/Log-In screen indicates character is in Outlaw's Refuge.
3. Upon logging back in, my character is standing outside, at the entrance to the Outlaw's Refuge.

I've noticed this bug multiple times since I started playing this Summer. It doesn't always happen. It has happened to multiple characters.
I don't think I've ever had it happen in Anvil, but often happens in Alinor. It happened in Wayrest today, and other places too.

I usually park my characters in an Refuge if I have time when logging out, esp my alts for easy access to the bank. Also I like to check the guild trader's, and I hate going through 2 long loading screens each time just for one trader. (Also, why does loading take just as long for the Refuge as for loading into a populated place like Vukel Guard?)

Anyone else have this problem?

Original Confusing Title - Log Out in Outlaw's Refuge, Log In out of Outlaw's Refuge. LOL.
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