The worst run of Sanctum Ophidia ever purely due to excessive buggs (PC/EU)

So let me write about the tale of a training trial for new players that went totally wrong...

It all started when my casual guild went in to do Normal Sanctum Opidia to make newer members familiar with it. It all started of nice and easy, just the trash mob at the start, and on to the Manticore. Nothing serious. infact... only had 5 deaths which is a lot better than I expected. Continued on up to the bridge, still blissfully unaware of the horror ahead.

We arrived at the bridge... cleared the 1st group of adds, and had someone fall of the bridge, after all there is always someone falling off the bridge in a training run on normal, when is there not? 2nd pull went normal, but then suddenly... there was also a 3rd pull... and then before the 1st overcharger was done, the main boss was in the middle of the fight! still only at the 2nd pull by the way. needless to say, it was a disaster...
The few experienced players in the group did everything they could to keep it going, worked so very hard to clear the trash mobs while the tank was trying to tank 1 boss, 4 trolls, 2 war priest and 4 overchargers at once... clearly... things weren't going well.

5 minutes later, we were down to 6 players up, 2 trolls and just 3 overchargers with the boss... then suddenly 5 more overchargers joined the party at the same time! Not 1, or 2, or 3,... but 5!
After a few more minutes of struggle it was down to 3 living players, the tank finally caved in from the prolonged duration of incoming damage... with the boss at 300k hp and 1 over cahrger at about 10% life... was down to 1 last person when the boss finally gave way...

But surely... that should be the end of the issues? So lets just soldier on. And so we did, bracely fighting away at the hordes. in the room with the split into a left and right side room both sides aggro'ed like normal even though we only went in one door (think this is actually a bug, but so ingrained already that we just take it as normal). and cleared that room. Soldiered on to the hallway were enemies come from all around in a few waves... Just before Ozara ... except... there was no waves... every single add spawned at once... it was chaos! all those trolls, overchargers and war priest let loose on the group of new players, tank doing everything possible to contain the worst of it, but still people were dying all over the place... but at least after this there is break chance while the adds stay in the rooms to the side right?

Well... as you guessed, they charged out immidiately after the last mob died...nobody was near the doors, but still the exhausted tank and healers needed to muster strength from nowhere to try and get through yet another double pull, with most the group already dead from the previous encounter. bust still... somehow it was completed.

Now Ozzaro... here you have the boss waiting patiently at the far side, and then adds spawn through the doors after someone goes to close or attacks, right? Wrong. As soon as the door opened the boss came CHARGING through, and every single add that should spawn over the fight spawned at once right at the start. Now, this group was not aware of group up near the tail of the boss, so everyone was spread out and being pinned on the 4 corners of tamriel because there was literally no time to explain the mechanics in chat while people can see the room.

Now... How do I know the adds all spawned at once? Well... once all the adds were down Ozzaro was still at 96% health... no new adds spawned for the remainder of the fight. But ... after a lot of effort the boss was finally down... but since there was no time to warn players of the 3 trolls that come out as soon as the fight ends, some of the members went for a bio break since well... we have been going by then for nearly 1h30m... so yet another disaster.

Surely by now the bad luck would have run out... surely? uhm... no... 1 player was stuck permanently in Werewolf form, but unable to use any abilities, and the tank was randomly removed from the group without any notice while people were trying everything to get that one player back to before this issue could be resolved someone opened the door to the last adds. a short time later, they decided that they were done waiting for us to sort out the bug and just charged again (nobody was within aggro range, no pets were anywhere near them)

Then... the Werewolf did a werewolf transformation while in werewolf, and then suddenly was a normal being again! So we very cautiously approached the final boss, fully expecting more bugs... I am sad to say... there was none ...

So that is the end of the story. In this trial... we had 1 healer below level 50, and another dd below 50. This was also the first trial for 4 others in the group... and a few more have only done 1 or 2 other trial within the same guild. I would honestly call it a total disaster... but luckily the rest of the people took it in good fun since they were not aware of the extreme buggy nature of the the trial they entered...

And that is the end of my essay
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