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Keybindings for best preformance - Tips needed

While doing vMA aiming for flawless, i doscovered a lot of issues with my keybindings ( Stam DK ). I already remapped rolldodge to one of the buttons on my naga, now i am interested in the setup you guys are using. I saw a video made by "deltia" and he binded 1-5 (skills) to 1-5 on his naga mouse, that way you never have to take fingers of WSAD - however, because of my light attack spam, using the same hand for skills feels mad wrong.

Do you guys have any perticular preferences when it comes to keybinds?
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  • Protossyder
    weaponswap and dodge roll on thumb buttons on my mouse, the rest is more or less default.
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  • md3788
    I put skills 1-4 on R, F, C, and X. That way I only have to move my index finger slightly to fire a skill and still retain immovability. I've had success with this. Light attack weaving while firing skills from the mouse thumb buttons with the same hand just felt wrong. I use weapon swap on side mouse button 1 and ultimate on side mouse button 2.
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  • delta_mystic
    Mouse: Scrolling the wheel is for default Camera Zoom functions.


    Keyboard: (Green text indicates Add-On keybindings). I primarily use the Number Pad for combat with Dodge/Interrupt/Sprint directly beneath my Skills. This allows me to react quickly and use Mouse buttons (or Arrow keys) to control which direction I Dodge Roll.

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  • Valykc
    Whatever you do, don’t use scroll wheel for weapon swap. I did and I am too used to it to switch (I tried).. I get a bar swap bug very frequently
  • Nestor
    Also, muscle memory is something that takes a bit of time. Even a layout that just feels wrong initially will be second nature after an hour or two.

    Of course you should strive for a layout that is comfortable from the start.

    And, you really should not be trying press your skills as quickly as possible, but in a measured manner that maximizes DoTs and Buffs so your not using up resources to fire skills that just dont need to fire for another few seconds. So, a slower more deliberate key combo would be better.
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  • tactx
    I bound bash / break free to middle mouse button and dodge roll to F. Weapon swap thumb mouse button.
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  • Hotdog_23
    Wish they would let us console player's customize the buttons on controller in game.
  • MLGProPlayer
    Movement: WASD
    Ability 1: Q
    Ability 2: E
    Ability 3: C
    Ability 4: X
    Ability 5: Z
    Ultimate: R
    Interact wirh player: V
    Interact with object: F
    Consumable: Tab
    Sprint: Shift
    Weapon swap: Front button on mouse
    Dodge roll: Back button on mouse
  • validifyedneb18_ESO
    Not a fan of using any mouse buttons, they're usually too awkward to press to maintain consistent aim or do fast.

    I use tab for swap, and usually put something like Magelight that doesnt need to be used in rotation on 5, then use more or less default.

    In WOW I use QERTFGZXCV1234 but feels wrong in ESO because E is taken for accept and if you change that it feels off
    EU: Magden, Magknight, Stamsorc(*2), Magsorc
    NA: Magplar, Magden, PotatoBlade
  • Ajax_22
    1-6 on my Naga for skills and Ult. Scroll up for bar 1, down for 2. Middle mouse button for bash/CC break. Scroll right for Dodge, left for synergy. Everything else default.
  • coj901
    3 skills on my mouse buttons and I use q and e. Roll Dodge is middle mouse button. I changed my roll Dodge from double tap and it changed my life. Weapon swap is R. I mainly pvp. I move like a rabbit on crack in pve.
  • Mariusghost84
    Ajax_22 wrote: »
    1-6 on my Naga for skills and Ult. Scroll up for bar 1, down for 2. Middle mouse button for bash/CC break. Scroll right for Dodge, left for synergy. Everything else default.

    How do you handle lightattcks and skills using same hand? Is it possible to get used to this? When you switch bars you need to lift your finger off the light attack button. Does this set up really work?
  • Bowser
    Yes you can get used to using light attacks and skills on the naga.

    Here's my setup:
    1-5 Skills
    6 Ult
    7 Potion
    8 Synergy
    9 Dodge Roll
    10 Toggle Menu
    11 Map
    12 Skills Menu
    World First DK Tank Execute on Rakkhat HM
    Play how you want - no meta allowed!
  • Undefwun
    Steelseries rival 500 mouse

    Abilities 1and 5, quick slot, ultimate bound to mouse. Bar swap too.

    Break free scroll up, dodge roll scroll down.
    Best change I ever made
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  • John_Falstaff
    I have Naga Hex v2.


    Have skills, ultimate and synergy on side buttons.
  • Trinity_Is_My_Name
    Well, I'm good with mostly default key binds but I have changed a few. Changed my Ultimate key to the "V" key because I kept popping it with my thumb. Only other combat key bind I changed was the Synergy key. The "X" key is difficult for me to reach without losing movement fluidity of my character so I changed the Synergy key from "X" to the Middle Mouse button. Oh boy has this helped immensely, especially when Tanking.

    Example: When falling into the Portal in Imperial City Prison it is super easy for me to press the Synergy button to "Brace for impact".

    That's about it for what I have done. Good luck!
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