The Crystal Dragon

Hey guys, I would love to share with you my Crystal Dragon that I have built!
He took a lot of time, cost a lot of gold, but I am very proud of him, he is even fully poseable!

Here is a video showcasing the project:
Some screenshots:

Please come and visit! :) I am on PC/EU, my in-game name is @Glaiceana, and the house is Coldharbour Surreal Estate. I recommend putting your view distance to max in order to see the dragon's crystals load in properly.

The details!

Project began on the 2nd December 2018, finished on 11th January 2019, 40 days total, although the dragon was finished first in about 15 days.
Dragon is made up of 218 parts.
Breakdown of the items:
6 Replica Dreamshard
98 Light of Meridia
57 Colovian Protection Crystal
40 Blue Crystals:
(11 Cluster Large
15 Cluster
5 Spire Large
5 Spire
4 Fragment)
15 Tanzelwil Culanda Stone
2 Repica Soul Gem
All items placed by hand, one by one, no addons used for auto placing or mirroring.
I spent 1,504,496 gold on just the crystals for the dragon. (173 were bought for this project, other 45 from what I already had and donations) This gold total does not include all the rocks, trees, plants etc for the rest of the place!
Total furnishings: 668.

He can be posed! (Head, wings including elbows and fingers, legs and wrists, tail segments)

A big thank you to the people who donated crystals to me!
Donations: @Falhael , @Enemoriana , @Elissae , @Myrnhiel , @Erinia , @paulsgruff , @Mormelion .
And another big thank you to ZOS support team for retrieving some crystals that bugged and disappeared!
And a final thank you to Cardinal05 (@R_K ) for the addons Magic Carpet, very much needed to see what I was doing, and EHT for the backup for peace of mind!

Edit: Added a few more items to the place, steps if you fall down one of the sides, and to reach the two viewing towers, added some extra rocks and a little bit of decorating near the start!
Edited by Glaiceana on January 13, 2019 9:50AM
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