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Funny Necromancer Names

  • mjharper
    - Has-Many-Friends

    - Cherishes-His-Friends

    A pair of siblings:

    - Keeps-His-Friends-Close

    - Keeps-Her-Enemies-Closer

    Yes, I like the idea of a necromancer who is in denial and refers to their minions as 'friends'.
    Edited by mjharper on January 8, 2019 8:18AM
  • Sheezabeast
    I've got an Argonian set up to hold a name similar to that one on XBox NA. xD


    He even has that lovely grinning leer expression going on. OwO

    Hah awesome! He looks like he lives up to his name <3
    Grand Master Crafter, Beta baby who grew with the game. PC/NA. @Sheezabeast if you have crafting needs!
  • robpr
    Neck Romancer
    Spooktiber Septim
  • AlienSlof
    Evil Deadite Whisperer :)

    Edited by AlienSlof on January 8, 2019 9:28AM
    Crazy Cat Lady.

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  • dazee
    Argonian necromancer Dances-With-Dead, wears a magical artifact (Ipod) constantly playing the crypt of the necrodancer soundtrack, and forces all his undead thralls to dance.
    Playing your character the way your character should play is all that matters. Play as well as you can but never betray the character. Doing so would make playing an mmoRPG pointless.
  • rafaelcsmaia
    Viagra (use frost skin for extra points)
  • albesca
    I'm going to make a necromancer crafter and I'll call him Handy Mannimarco
    PC EU

    Khajiit has no time for you
  • Alowishus
    Graveyard Shifter
    ESO Wishlist: Housing (Thank you!) Jewelrycrafting (Thank you!) Hand-to-hand skill line.
  • forwardbias83
    Not really a funny name, more of just a name. I played a different game that had necromancers, and my char was named Olath Ultrine, which is dark elvish for Supreme/Ultimate Darkness. Got it from a site with AD&D lore. Came across some interesting dark themed Welsh names as well on google translate. Marwolaeth is Welsh for Death.
  • randomkeyhits


    Richard ( Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness, Lord of the Thirteen Hells, Master of the Bones, Emperor of the Black, Lord of the Undead, Lord of the Dance, Mistress of Magma, King of the world and mayor of a little village up the coast. )
    EU PS4
  • Caligamy_ESO
    Inklings wrote: »
    Lich Rambert

    lol this is a good one! I wonder if he is aware of how perfect that name is

    Liv Dieler
    Edited by Caligamy_ESO on January 8, 2019 9:48PM
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  • boggo
    max_only wrote: »
    A Bosmer necromancer named Minimarco

    Or even Minimannimarco! xD
  • Coatmagic
    Nyladreas wrote: »


    Idfk actually...

    ~ > LOL! xD

  • gepe87
    Gepe, MagSorc Pact Warlord | Gepe Indoril, MagSorc Pact General

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  • Skwor
    Necro Argonian
  • Sapphire_Lily







    Edited by Sapphire_Lily on January 8, 2019 3:48PM
  • FatelessLava
    Have one saved up that’s Magcro and Cheese since we know it’s going to be Broken at first like how they nerfed wardens. :D
  • DoonerSeraph
    It kinda depends on what nerfs the other classes will receive to make necromancer attractive.

    The warden was "Has-Major-Mending", so Necromancer could be "Has-good-pet-AI"? 😶
  • Ajaxandriel

    ...argonian necromancer tailoring master crafter.
    TESO:Triskelion - forum RP, guilde francophone
    Ajaxandriel - haut-elfe gardien 50
    Altarya - haute-elfe templière 50
    Angelith - elfe des bois gardienne 50
    Antarius Scorpio - impérial chevalier-dragon 50
    Artémidore de Corbeaulieu - bréton lame noire 50
    Azothos Sadras - elfe noir sorcier 50
    Dorguldun gro-Arash - orque sorcier 50
    Hjarnar - nordique sorcier 50
    Jendaya al-Gilane - rougegarde chevalier-dragon 50
    Sabbathnazar Ullikummi - elfe noir chevalier-dragon 50
    Tahajmi - khajiit sorcière 50
    Zadzadak - gobelin nécromancien 50
    Zandoga - rougegarde chevalier-dragon 50

  • OneKhajiitCrimeWave
    Corp Sarmy
    Und R Taker

    Arthas Menethil (had to be suggested)
    Dark Flare is the Beginning, Radiant is the End. Hail the Light Bringers!
  • Aliyavana
    Still a relevant thread
    Zebendal- Stam Sorc, PC NA
  • karthrag_inak
    Khaiit, (raised by Argonians) named Plays-with-food.
  • lassitershawn
    max_only wrote: »
    When the class comes out, I’m going to delete my latest alt probably, and remake him into a necromancer. It’s a bit of a waste but I’m not going to hold my breath for a class change token.

    In another game my necromancer was Libiathan. Like Leviathan. But that was a female character because all the males were gross and the females at least looked “normal”. You can take Levi Athan if it’s not already gone.

    You are getting a free character slot, shouldn't have to delete anything.
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  • Gythral
    “Be as a tower, that, firmly set,
    Shakes not its top for any blast that blows!”
    Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy
  • Dragneel1207
    Sleeps like dead
    Brings many friends
    wakes up early (to rise dead >_<)
    no flapping pets
    Baal with pets (molag baal with pets ^_^)
    Speaks only Grrrr
    walks slowly(zombies xD)
    Comes with Bones
    thats all for now will post again if i got new ideas
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