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The Phoenix decry Guild is recruiting new members

We are looking for new members to join our ranks. We may be small Guild with in the 80s in our membership. We would like members to join that have to be a part of something more than just what the game has to offer. Teamwork, Helping one another out, and a Guild with an organized rank structure. We have big goals in mind. Which requires a large membership. One goal is take a large team into Cyrodiil. Capture a keep In the name of the guild and hold over of the Keep For the length of the campaign. which is seven days.

We also have a PlayStation community page. Where we will post our Guild events.

Our guild website has information on our vision and goals How the guild is structured. How are rank position break progression works.

And we are currently working on a discord channel. For the days in which the in game mics system will no longer meet our needs

If you have a questions about our guild or if you like to join us. Send a PSN message to DCA-1981.
PSN: DCA-1981
Guild: The Phoenix Decry
Guild Website:
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