Addons Don't Show Up in Game (Windows 10)

Soul Shriven
So I did my research on this issue, and it seems like the top 'fixes' for this issue were including the OneDrive, and another AddOn folder in the C: Drive. The OneDrive situation doesn't apply to me, since ESO doesn't even have a folder in there. I -do- have an extra AddOn folder in my Program Data Folder, but the game isn't looking there, since the only AddOns that I have installed currently are SkyShards and LoreBooks.

My Path is as follows: C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns as it should be. However no matter what AddOn I download into this folder, no addons show up at all, and it's frankly frying my mind trying to figure out why. My actual game files are on my E Drive in my Steam folder, and I've tried moving my addons there, the OneDrive, and the Program Data folder to see if it changed anything, but to no avail. Please offer any insight you all might have into this issue.
  • Reorx_Holybeard
    Check if your C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live folder has files/directories named the following:
    • Addons
    • Errors
    • Logs
    • SavedVariables
    • AddOnSettings.txt
    • ShaderCache.cooked
    • UserSettings.txt

    Some of these will only exist after you run the game. The UserSettings.txt file should be have its "Date Modified" time updated whenever you last ran the game. If these files don't exist in that path or don't have the correct date/time its probably not the correct path. Do a file search on your drives for these files for alternate locations.
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  • theshockcable
    I'm having the same issue. I have done a complete new install on the default C drive. The addons appear the first time you get in game. Next time you're logged in the addons are completely gone from the list but have not been removed from the addons folder. This has nothing to do with addon related settings, the addons would have to be listed for you to have access to adjust settings.
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