Tips for ESO Newbs from My Exp

Soul Shriven
This will help all you new to ESO and comes from my own personal experiences so far:
1. Storage.
You will soon find you run out of storage quickly! You get a base of 60 Slots, it fills up soon enough!
You can create other characters that all have the same access to your own ESO bank account
When you create a character it gets a base of 60 slots and you can take/deposit stuff, sell it etc
You will get a total of 7 extra player slots to create, giving you 420 in total storage across them.

Always log out of the character close to their home banker. so that when you log back in to see their inventory
you can easily access the banker.

The cons: having to constantly log in/out of each character

Also make a note of roughly what each character holds - as you cant see it in the immediate home character screen
so at least you can keep a tab on what's stored with each character, saving time loading them up to see what they are carrying.

You will eventually get a storage chest of 30 slots that can be put in a home you choose
so that also adds some vital extra storage.

2. Home
That's easy just rent a free room in an Inn for now. You get a free room at many of the Inns around Tamriel
You can download a list of all rooms - don't save all your gold and buy a place, wait to you level up as the cheapest is around 42,000 gold!!

You can go to the crown store and get the housing list that also includes rooms at Inns at the Quest Starters icon
It will appear in your supplies list under "Trophy" as "Room to Spare" Housing Brochure and for now is FREE

I'm at the Rosy Lion in Daggerfall, its small but I only want to keep a place for my storage chest for now. that's really all you need to start
I still haven't brought a house - and don't really need to do so for now, Im just levelling up as much as I can and saving up gold for other things.

3. Daily Rewards
Always check your notifications in your character menu
These contain a daily reward item, I think early on you get a storage chest, potions, new non combat pets
new ride on pets, gold, lots and lots of great stuff!! so always check! Im about to get 100k in gold soon so its really worth
checking every day! - so keep logging in and playing!
(Ive been playing around 5-6 weeks now.)

4. Outfit station.
This is a cool place to get pseudo armour & weaponry and colour items to your own taste
As you complete quests and learn about woodworking, blacksmith, clothing etc it will release

a series of Pseudo armour that layers over the top of your normal armour when chosen and applied
So you can end up with some amazing looking outfits without having to collect the real thing
Once an items become available they will become highlighted in the creation screen. greyed out
ones are still needed to be collected from doing a quest

Clothing Motifs (Pseudo armour/weapons to layer over the top of your normal armour)
This is what enables Pseudo Armour, Weapons etc to be layered over your real armour
giving really cool appearances. Learn Clothing Motifs from dungeon quests, trade or ask from guild mates
or you can buy some cheaply at Guild traders in most cities
To buy them to to each Guild trader and check out prices and styles etc
Click on Guild Trader
Scroll down to ALL ITEMS and change to CRAFTING
on second option change to CLOTHING
MOTIFS should be default at this option below - if not select MOTIFS
Click submit

This will show a list of all Crafting Motifs. The Motifs book will appear
Purchase the Motif Book or Scroll for a particular armour or weapon, (Usually these are crafted by other players)

Once purchased - it will be sent by email to you
Go to your inventory
Select MAIL
New mail will arrive with the item in an attachment to the mail.
*Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the trade to complete - dont worry
keep playing and shortly a Mail notification will arrive
Go to your inventory
the Motif Book or Scroll will be listed - click on it and activate to learn
It will now appear in your Motif Pseudo armour as an item to cloak over or armour at Outfit stations!

You can quickly check anytime what your Armour,Weapon Motifs are by going to your inventory
scroll to ARMOUR STYLES / WEAPON STYLES to see what your Motifs are

Taking items to crafting stations is a good way of getting new colours quickly
If you don't need to sell them for gold then deconstruct the items in the crafting stations
at any city. Deconstruction will help you learn colours
These ones are at the bottom of the colour lists.
Colours are learnt from a number of different activities - so patience will be needed
but you will get some nice ones to apply to the either Pseudo armour or real armour that's presently equipped to you.

5. Guild
Definitely join a guild, it has a lot of benefits!
One of the best things is the free travel it will give you to other players in the guild, saves you on gold
to get somewhere. Once your a member of a guild (You can join up to 5)
-go to character menu
click on SOCIAL
click GUILDS
select GUILD
select ROSTER
scroll through names - places they are presently in map
click on character
scroll down to option TRAVEL TO PLAYER

you then instantly get transported to that part of the map for free!

Always try and deposit some things of value to the guilds bank, helps the guild sell goods and keeps you
in the good books with the Guild as it shows your trying to contribute even at lower levels. Once you have some spare items of value of course.
Go to town Banker
select Guild Bank
select "Y" on Xbox display all guild bank accounts
select the Guild you want to access
Scroll to submenu at top allowing deposit option
It will bring up your own inventory and then select any items of value that you would like to donate to Guild
PS: Guildmasters dont like receiving trash or junk items that have no value so make sure they have some Gold value

Guild members will also help you level up, give tips and also sometimes even gifts
if your lucky enough to get to be friends with the master crafters or higher ranking members :smile:

Faster Levelling
Go to character menu
press "X" or select yes to join queue, depending on PC, console etc

This will take you into a group quest to explore a dungeon and complete a quest with 3 other players
What you get - Lots of nice stuff from conquered enemies, chests and boss fight wins
Others in your group will help protect you somewhat - but you want to have
some level of experience and armour first so as to contribute to fights - so complete a handful of quests and concentrate on getting your weapon skills up
as you may find that your armour and weapon level is not adequate - but give it a go! if you find your getting though dungeons Ok in the Group
it will provide great levels of XP. Make sure you click on every conquered enemy and take all their items!! Also quickly check Jars and Urns along the way

If you lose the group - click on the map viewer button (small button below to left of Xbox button - if using Xbox) that brings up dungeon map
and shows what way to go to reach to quest mates again.

This should get you started in the first couple of weeks questing and exploring!

If you have Qs about anything get in touch will try and help out
Have a great time!!!!
Anthooh !

  • Danikat
    Good advice, but I've got a few comments on some of your points.


    Firstly I noticed you didn't mention bag and bank upgrades. You can buy extra slots for both - it gets more expensive each time (and gets very expensive for the last few tiers) but you don't need to get them all right away. Characters can get up to 200 bag slots and the bank can get up to 240 (or 480 with ESO+).

    But I strongly recommend thinking seriously about what you actually want and need to keep instead of simply filling all your character slots with mules and all their bags with stuff, and needing lists to keep track of who has what. For example there's no point keeping equipment below CP160 (max level for equipment) unless you have an immediate use for it - you'll out level it quickly and keeping everything just in case an alt needs it later on will quickly fill all your space with trash you'll probably never use at all. (Even at CP160 there's no need to keep everything, but you'll probably have a better idea of what's worth keeping by then.)

    Weapons and armour you can't use can be deconstructed to help level up crafting or sold to merchants (or other players, but demand for low level stuff is limited).

    If you don't have ESO+ crafting materials will fill a lot of space too. They're essential if you want to craft, but it's only worth keeping materials you're actually using. Alternatively (or as well) it might be worth making a dedicated crafting character so they can hold all the materials and because they won't be doing quests and things they don't much need space for drops.

    Outfit Stations

    The Pseudo Armour is called an outfit and individual pieces are called skins or motifs. I understand the thinking behind the name you've given it, but if you call it Pseudo Armour you'll have to explain what you mean each time. You can also craft weapons and armour in the style of motifs your character has learned, and those can be dyed for free.

    Guilds & Guild Banks

    I recommend asking your guild what the bank is for and what you should put in there instead of just dumping in anything you think might be useful. Some do use it as a pool of stuff for any guild member to use, but others have specific rules on what it's for (e.g. guild lottery prizes or PvP stuff) and may not appreciate you filling it with whatever you don't want.

    The same goes for crafting stuff for each other, participation in dungeon runs and everything else. Every guild is different because players are given almost total freedom to decide how they run a guild, so it's always worth talking to them when you're thinking about joining to find out what they expect of you and what they can offer. And of course not joining unless it sounds like the right guild for you.
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  • anthoo67
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Danikat
    Many thanks for the extra input - all great stuff!!

    Having little gold to start. - then my first post is going to help a lot.
    The tips provided basically cost you no gold at all. (Except some skin/Motif-Outfit changes mostly at 50 gold)

    Some further good tips to really get you going:

    Levelling up in mages Guild
    Quickly gaining skill points to level up Skills
    I suggest you join mages Guild - gives some great Magic abilities to cast against enemies.
    To level up you will need to collect lorebooks all around Tamriel
    Further you will need to locate Skyshards - these help you gain skill points.
    Getting XP from quests is the standard way of gaining skill points, then you can allocate them to
    any of the SKILLS list

    Go to your home Mages Guild and speak to one of the NCP Magesters, you can identify Guild by an icon on the city map when you hover your pointer over the icon. You will be invited to Join then given a series of quests.

    In the Mages guild Skills line (Inventory + SKILLS)
    This will give you 4 Major spells to cast and get levelled in and then a number of passives that you can level up
    by 2 skill points each time. As you gain more experience in using your weapons and magic spells - the Skills lines
    trigger a "Morphing" option allowing 1 and then eventually 2 new possible higher ranking and more powerful damage or healing binds to be added to the weapon or spell being used.

    When equipping your character you can set it up to be in two modes
    One great combination is to Equip a weapon set and then have as your back up set
    a Spell casting set or vice versa depending on what you want to become dominant
    Eg: Staff to cast spells as main weapon (2 Handed so you cant equip shield or dagger etc)
    Back up option - Bow with poison or 2 one hand swords or great sword etc or even do what I do and have a back staff
    with a different magic power.

    Make sure you assign the associated skills to suit each weapon equipped
    To see whats assigned go to:
    then SKILLS
    then scroll between Main hand and back up with the "Y" button on Xbox one - you will see in the background
    the weapon change as you push the "Y" button
    So click on the associated Skill line for that weapon
    Eg: Staff/Stave you will need to click on Destruction or Restoration Staff
    and that will bring up the Magic skills assigned to that weapon

    What you will see:
    Two Handed
    One handed and Shield
    Dual Wield
    Destruction Staff
    Restoration Staff

    Each one allows you to assign skills and powers associated to your MAIN weapon
    and then BACK-UP weapon - make sure the skills are aligned when clicking "Y" button
    and assigned to the buttons on your controller. so when you go into a fight they will activate
    a skill, spell, heal, destruction etc.

    (I like to have a Staff with Ice/Frost damage
    when you hold down a power cast with right trigger (Xbox one) is casts a frozen shard around the enemy
    trapping them on the spot so you can rain down attacks on them
    My back up is a Staff of Shock with a Frost damage attribute as well) sometimes I equip a bow and if you do you can add from Inventory a "POISON" option to a weapon.

    You might decide Fighters Guild is better or any of a number of other Guilds for levelling and being given unique quests
    To be honest I have had my hands full just doing Mages Guild and my quest journal is always full - you just have to click on an in-world character with the blacked out arrow over their head - this indicates that have a quest option available - there are hundreds and hundreds to do!! If you get lost or want to find what quests you have active go to
    then QUESTS
    it will list all the ones you have going
    click "X" and it will locate where you need to be next on the map and show a white downward arrow on the location.

    Its really up to you - but in the skills line you will get a MAGES GUILD
    1 Ultimate magic power to assign to Left+Right button
    4 Active abilities to assign to your controller buttons
    5 Magic abilities to use

    To gain the ultimate cool ability this is a Meteor that you call down from the heavens
    It smashes into the enemy causing a 6645 flame damage, all enemies in area also take 2116 flame damage
    for 11 seconds at Meteor level IV (thats what I have right now)

    The catch! You need to have Mages Guild Level 10!
    and that requires you to find around 220 Lorebooks around Tamriel (on the basis that you collect
    each set in each district (normally 10 books)
    Well it will keep you busy for a number of weeks!!!
    Its quite cool really as it will help you explore all the cool regions of Tamriel.

    *Tip go online and search for ESO Lorebook Maps - that will help locate Lorebooks in all of Tamriel
    through other ESOs Exp.
    ** Lore books are the ONLY way to upgrade the Mages Skill line
    You can see how many you've collected by going to
    It will show whats missing in the regional set (Usually 10) getting all books in the region adds a bigger bonus
    so definitely find all Lore Books in the region.
    *** Lore Books have a purple glow so will be easily spotted (Lore scrolls have a white/yellow glow but will also add
    to Lorebook EXP so look at every scroll/bookcase and randomly placed book you come across!!

    You will need Skill points to assign next levels of abilities
    Two ways to get
    1. Through Character EXP - General questing and learning/Exploring in ESO
    These can be found all around Tamriel and very significant as a large beam of light shining up to the sky
    you will find at its base a crystal. Go to it and click on it to earn a 1/3 of a skyshard. Get 3 and that gives a skill point
    to allocate to any of your skills.

    The tips are to help you from the very beginning as a day one ESO
    Once you get more skilled and used to the environments you can decide for yourself what becomes important to your character.

    Well Happy questing!!! Enjoy
    Maybe see you out there in Bethesdas/Zens amazing ESO world!

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