Malubeth the Scourger, solo

For those that like soloing dungeons and have more patience than sense:

I had been having trouble getting past Malubeth in Wayrest Sewers 2 due to the lock-down mechanism. Since my online searches came up empty (or maybe I didn't spend enough time), I thought I'd post this here. The trick to killing Malubeth solo seems to be to pull it all the way back through the hallway. With or without pets, it get's stuck in there and you can back out of range of the lock-down mechanism (just about to where the circular steps go up). Most of my skills and attacks were out of range as well, but I found caltrops and pets both did damage. Since it does not seem to have any health regeneration, it's just a matter of time (lots of time) until the boss goes down. I killed it on normal with a pet sorc and separately with a stam DK, just to make sure it wasn't a pet-only mechanism. I imagine vet would go similarly but you'd want to pack a lunch and maybe a few movies - it takes a long time.
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