Guild Property

What i would really like to see is for guild leader to be able to buy a property for the guild to use, instead of using the guild leaders primary residents. There is no reason for the guild leader to have to use there primary residents for the guild hall, yes i know there are addons for that, but my thing is the guild should have there own hall. If it would have to be crown only, so be it, but the guild leader should be able to have that choice. The place should have more of a castle feel then a home, with quarters, training, lounging, and eating areas. with a big stable area, castle walls or a mote. If you think about it, they could have one for each of the 3 factions, or even customizable, where you can move the different buildings around, and place them where you want.
DPS player, not big on PVP but will do it. Love the homestead part of the game, spend a lot of time decorating places.
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