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Cyrodiil keeps — non-existent tower extensions are affecting targeting

By "tower extensions", I am referring to the additional walkways that extend outwards from the towers at the corners of a keep, which spawn once the keep reaches a level 2 ore upgrade.

HOWEVER, even before this upgrade is attained (and thus no extensions are present), targeting in the area is behaving as if the tower extension was present. The consequence of this is that, should a player walk into the affected area, they become untargetable by enemy players—trying to attack them causes you to stutter partially through the animation, and the attack never fires. This is exploitable for obvious reasons.

Some other additional quirks include being unable to target the mage guard on the tower-top from certain angles, and Bolt Escape (the Sorc skill) and its morphs completely malfunctioning when cast—failing to move you any distance whatsoever, despite playing the animation, consuming resources and a GCD, and putting you on stacking cooldown.

Here is an image, taken at Fort Aleswell, roughly demarcating the affected area for reference:

@ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_BrianWheeler @ZOS_Wrobel This is pretty serious stuff, do investigate it please!

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