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Indrik still available in upcoming events?

I recently came back to ESO just a few days ago and saw that you can get a mount by collecting feathers during events, i have missed most of the listed events though and was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to get it from future events? Would be grateful for any answers on this, really like the look of that mount.

Best Answers

  • Maythor
    You will be able to get it. The next step after getting an Indrik is to get berries to evolve it, which in turns mean gathering more feathers to re-gain the base mount. Therefore if you don't have it yet there will be continued chances as events occur throughout 2019.
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  • MilwaukeeScott
    Mixith wrote: »
    if its possible to get it from future events?



    All I see is hate and rage from people who don't understand how to.....
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